DB Technologies ES802 - Column PA system

We've just had a delivery of the latest Column Line array system from the awesome folks at DB technologies. 

"The ES802 is a portable biamped sound system composed by two passive tops and one 12” subwoofer. The sub hosts a 1200W peak power amp module with auto-range PSU. A powerful DSP manages the coverage and all the other functions of the system, making the ES802 a real gem in terms of sound performance and versatility."

As far as this type of system goes I've always been fairly skeptical of the need for this, I've listened to several before from other manufacturers and really not been impressed. Generally speaking they've lacked throw and been slightly underwhelming.

The ES-802 frankly blew me away. No throw loss, excellent volume, with performance and quality you would expect at a much higher price. There's 8 preset eq's on the back panel which are very useable including anti-feedback when speaker placement isn't optimum. The systems total weight is less than 20KG making it portable but still packs a big punch.

The ES802 has a street price of £699 per column. 


There are three other models in the range the 503, 1002 and 1203

Full specifcations for all models are available here and are available to buy from our webstore here.

The ES-802 is available in-store for demo right now!

I've placed my order, pop to the store for a demo if you'd like to place yours!