Meet The Team


Matthew Morrison


Matthew has been part of Cookes Band Instruments from the age of 14 and, as a result, knows everything about everything in the world of musical instruments.  So, if you know what you want but don't know how to acheive it, Matt is the guy to help steer you in the right direction.


Ben Homan


Ben “The Hoff” Homan

Guitar Sales / Technician

Guitar player for 20+ years, now plays bass in a rock covers band most weekends. Can clean and setup your guitar and make it play better than when it left the factory. Partial to coffee and biscuits.



Tom Toggle

Drum Specialist

Professional drummer since records began.  Straight-talking charmer Tom can help you find your perfect drum and cymbal setup with minimal fuss and optimal care.  Never more than six feet away from a mug of tea.



Andy Bushell

Pro Audio Specialist

Singer, guitarist and live audio engineer of 20+ years, enjoys online gaming and BBQ meats!



David Sadler

General Sales

Dave has been in the musical instrument trade for eons.  He'll help you to find your next favourite guitar or ukulele and you'll get to know and love Dave, just like we do.  Dave spends his weekend drawing cartoons and twiddling with the knobs on his Tyros keyboard.



Sarah Plummer


Sarah is the grown-up at Cookes.  She does all of the important computer things at the shop that nobody else understands.  Can shred paper faster than Yngwie can shred guitar.