Cables and Adapters from Adam Hall and Stagg and more for Pro Audio, Musical and Lighting applications.

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Square 7543g 1

Adam Hall Adapter 3.5 mm stereo Jack female to 6.3 mm stereo Jack male gold plated


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Square 757025uk ld1

QTX Female Phono to Right Angled 6.3mm Jack Adaptor


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Square k3mmf1000 2

Adam Hall K3 MMF 1000 Microphone Cable XLR female to XLR male 10m

K3 MMF 1000

More Info £19.99
Square k3mmf0600 2

Adam Hall K3 MMF 0600 Microphone Cable XLR female to XLR male 6m

K3 MMF 0600

More Info £13.99
Square k3mmf0300 2

Adam Hall K3 MMF 0300 Microphone Cable XLR female to XLR male 3m

K3 MMF 0300

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Square 7540 1

Adam Hall Adapter mono RCA female to 6.3 mm mono Jack male


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Square 758361uk ld1

DR Rox Coupler 6.3mm Stereo Jack Socket – 6.3mm Stereo Jack Socket


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Square chord audio leads 3.5mm trs jack plug 3.5mm trs jack plug 3.0 meter

Chord Classic Audio Leads 3.5mm TRS Jack Plug - 3.5mm TRS Jack Plug 3.0 Meter


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Square k3mmf0100 1

Adam Hall K3 MMF 0100 Microphone Cable XLR female to XLR male 1m

K3 MMF 0100

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Square stag   nsp1 5sp25r   21335  11059

Stagg NSP1,5SP25R Speakon to Jack speaker cable 1.5mtrs


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Square stag   stc1 5cmxm   22644 1  26243

Stagg STC15CMXM Twin cable, XLR/RCA 1.5 m (5')


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Square stag   b002sth   16057  4074

Stagg 1/4" Stereo Phone plug - 2 pcs


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Square ext 7203 213

Dr Rox Twin Phono Coupler Adaptor

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Square k4irr0030fl 2

Adam Hall K4 IRR 0030 FL Instrument Cable with 6.35 mm flat plugs, mono 30cm

K4 IRR 0030 FL

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Square k5ipp0300 2

Adam Hall K5 IPP 0300 Instrument Cable Neutrik 6.3 mm Jack mono to 6.3 mm Jack mono 3m

K5 IPP 0300

More Info £19.99
Square k3bmv0300 2

Adam Hall K3 BMV 0300 Microphone Cable XLR male to 6.3 mm Jack stereo 3m

K3 BMV 0300

More Info £11.99
Square stag   ssp2ss25   18115  5650

Stagg Budget Speakon Speaker Cable 2mtr


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Square stag   sac3mps   18284 6  25692

Stagg S series Cable 3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5mm stereo jack 3 meters


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Square stag   nsp3sp25r   21336  11060

Stagg Speakon to Jack Speaker cable 3m/10ft


More Info £19.99
Square download

Adam Hall K5 Premium Neutrik Microphone XLR Cable 5.00 Meters


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Square k3mmf1500 1

Adam Hall K3 15 meter XLR Microphone cable


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Square pr4924bi10137 sra6 kinsman patch cable angle plugs blk 6inch imd

Kinsman SRA6 Patch Cable Right Angle - Right Angle 6inch / 15cm


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Square stag   ntc6cr   19328  6497

STAGG N-Series Twin Cable RCA-RCA Length: 6m/20ft. - black


More Info £22.99
Square stag   nsp1 5pp25r   21328  11052

Stagg NSP1,5PP25R Speaker cable with Jack connectors 1.5mtrs


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Square stag   npc030mpsr   21570  11116

Stagg Mini Stereo Jack Cable 30cm/1ft


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Square chord classic 2xlr f 2rca 15m

Chord Twin RCA Phono to 2 XLR Male Plugs (1.5m)


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Square kccip700 2

Adam Hall 3.5mm Y Adaptor


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Square p06048

Ernie Ball 10' Straight/Straight Instrument Cable - Black


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Square k3mfp0600 2

Adam Hall K3 MFP 0600 Microphone Cable XLR female to 6.3 mm Jack mono 6m

K3 MFP 0600

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Square stag   nmd1r   21392  10662

Stagg Midi Cable 1 meter


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