The Banjo is a four-, five-, or six-stringed instrument with a thin membrane stretched over a frame or cavity as a resonator, called the head, which is typically circular.

Four Stringed banjos are available in two types. Firstly a plectrum banjo commonly tuned the same as the top four string of a guitar and feature a long neck. Secondly the Tenor Banjo which are commonly used in Gealic Irish styles and rhythm play in jazz.

Five stringed banjos are commonly played with a thimb and finger pics. These banjos offer a myriad of tuning options most of which are of a reentrant type. The 5 string banjo is commonly used in a picking style traditionaly heard in American old time music and jazz.

Six string banjos are a british adaptation and feature a guitar neck and tuning.

The membrane is typically made of plastic, although animal skin is still occasionally used.

Early forms of the instrument were fashioned by Africans in the United States, adapted from African instruments of similar design.[1][2] The banjo is frequently associated with folk, Irish traditional, and country music.

The banjo, along with the fiddle, is a mainstay of American old-time music. It is also very frequently used in traditional ("trad") jazz.

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Ernie Ball 7020 Neck Writing Paper Booklet


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D'Addario EJ60 BanjoNickel plated Loop ended String set


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PILGRIM Progress VPB30G Closed Back 5-String G-Banjo


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Discovering Music Theory - Grade 5 Answers


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Discovering Music Theory - Grade 4 Answers


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Discovering Music Theory - Grade 3 Answers


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Discovering Music Theory - Grade 2 Answers


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Discovering Music Theory - Grade 1 Answers


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Folk Songs - Strum Together - 70 Songs For Guitar, Mandolin, Uke & Banjo


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Pop Standards - Strum Together - Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin or Ukulele


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Absolute Beginners: Banjo Book


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Absolute Beginners: Irish Tenor Banjo Book


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Barnes & Mullins BJ300 5-String G Banjo


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D'Addario EJ60+ 5-String Set for Banjo, Nickel, Light Plus, 9.5-20


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D'Addario EJ57 5-String Banjo Strings Nickel Custom Medium 11-22


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Stagg BJM30 LH, 5-string Bluegrass Banjo Deluxe with Metal Pot, Left Handed


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Ozark 5 string banjo left-handed 2104GL


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Ozark 5 string open back banjo 2102G


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Barnes & Mullins Rathbone 5-String Banjo


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Fender PB-180E Banjo, Walnut Fingerboard, Natural


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Taylor Swift - Folklore


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Chord G/ 5 string Banjo


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Progressive Banjo Chords Book/CD


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