Active PA Speaker systems from Yamaha, RCF and more....

If you are a band, DJ, or simply a solo act, PA speakers are needed to reinforce the sounds you are already making - your voice, your guitar, your keyboard or your decks - and deliver them with clarity and increased volume to your audience. 

Active PA speakers have amplifiers already built in to them, so there is no need for any extra amps or cables. That makes things much easier and quicker to set up - simply connect your active PA speaker directly to your mixer, and you are ready to go!

Most active PA speakers are usually bi-amplified (2x amps), and have an internal unit called a crossover. This is enables the amps to deliver power to the tweeter and woofer independently and with great efficiency. With the fast evolution of technology, active PA speakers have become lighter and more powerful - some have bulit in mixers and effects (DSP) built in.

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