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Gretsch Electromatic G5420T Pre Owned Special edition silver sparkle


More Info £585.00
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Vox SSC55 Pre Owned Set Neck Electric Guitar with Vox Genuine Bag

More Info £549.00
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Hofner 500/5 Bass Made in Germany in 1960 Pre-Loved

More Info £1,099.00
Square tlsp146ws p

B-Stock Tama SLP 14" x 6" Fat Spruce Snare Drum


More Info £229.00
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More Info £700.00

Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket Guitar Combo Amplifier Pre Owned

More Info £759.00
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Used Paiste 2002 Big Beat Hi-Hats (16")


More Info £289.20
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Fender USA Strat 1980's Red Pre-Owned

More Info £650.00
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Used Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Ride Cymbal (22")


More Info £275.00
Square img 4150

Tascam DP24SD Multitrack Digital recorder with SD Card Pre Owned

More Info £229.00
Square zedi 10fx top

Allen & Heath ZEDi10FX Mixer Pre Owned


More Info £165.00
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Ibanez GSR206B-WNF 6 String Bass Guitar Pre Owned in Walnut Flat Finish

More Info £199.00
Square ibanez used grg7221.1

Ibanez GIO GRG7221 7-String Electric Guitar in Black Knight Finish


More Info £146.00
Square img 3826

Recording King Lap Steel Pre Owned with tone bar

More Info £135.00
Square img 3745

Used Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 5 HS (2 Pickup) 5 String Bass Guitar in White

More Info £1,350.00
Square img 3733

Gibson Don Felder "Hotel California" EDS-1275 Pre Owned

EDS-1275 HC

More Info £6,000.00
Square img 3713

Tokai Sg Style Electric Guitar in Wine Red Pre Owned

More Info £199.00
Square img 3701

Washburn Paul Stanley 'Kiss" P600 Pre Owned Korean crafted Electric guitar

More Info £350.00
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Ibanez Mandolin (1974-1978 Production) Pre Owned with case

More Info £175.00
Square img 3472

Ibanez Fireman Paul Gilbert / Mr.Big FRM100TR Pre-Owned Guitar in Trans Red


More Info £449.00
Square img 3547

Ibanez SR300e Bass Pre Owned

More Info £185.00
Square d0f6fa11 b793 4987 bbbf 518916b545c3

Used Pearl Vision Birch Lacquer 5pc Shellpack in Black Burst

More Info £350.00
Square 91214982 554a 4802 b8ae 7c1f4d48a448

Used Marshall MG100FX 100w Amp Head and 4x12 Cabinet


More Info £249.00
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Gallien Krueger RB700 Bass Combo Pre-Owned

More Info £299.00
Square wkwh2usq

Rogers DynaSonic 14" x 5" 1970 Vintage Snare Drum


More Info £369.00
Square gretsch cat used 1

Gretsch Catalina Ash 22" Fusion Shell Pack + 8" tom - preowned


More Info £379.00
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Zildjian K Medium Thin Dark Crash (17") - pre-owned


More Info £180.00
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